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Metal Roofing

Metal Vs Asphalt roofing


Enough variety to find a color and style that complements any home.

Products available that imitate other materials for a non-metal appearance.

especially effective in reducing energy consumption in summer.


Can appear not to blend in well in suburban areas.

unique style options come at a higher price point.

If installed incorrectly, efficiency will not be as high.

Deciding Which Residential Roofing Type Is Best For Your Home

This can Be a challenge, most commonly a comparison of roof life can sway towards metal roofing due to the sleek style afforded by using metal roofing versus asphalt however there are improved shingles available now that have significantly increased asphalt longevity. Leaving the debate up to ascetic appearances, Some homes look better with either type of roof. consider this before you make a final selection for your repair or replacement.

Points To Consider

When it comes to residential metal roofing, you are not only paying more for a higher quality material than asphalt shingle. but you are also paying for a more costly, professional installation that requires specialized skills, expertise, and equipment.

Keep in mind that there are a number of factors that may influence your final price for a new metal roof. These include the type of metal and the roof style you choose, your geographic location, and the overall complexity of your particular roof.


One of the most visually appealing options because there are enough color and texture options to find the style that complements your home.

More likely to be consistent with other houses in the area.

Absorbs heat and warms the home in the winter.


Dark tones due to the color of the surface granules.

Consistency with other homes may appear dull to some.

heat absorption is a disadvantage in the summer time.

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