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Fabric Reinforced 

Roofing System

Fabric Reinforced Membrane System Process

Conklin's Fabric Reinforced Membrane system is extremely Versatile and can be applied to many different roof substrates. The application procedure will vary depending on type substrate.

Step By Step Guide

After Proper cleaning and Application Of Appropriate primer. Spunflex® is embedded into the base coat, over the seams, at the penetrations.

Fabric is embedded into another layer of the base coat then applied in overlapping sheets over the entire roof forming a seamless monolithic surface.

Once completed, the End result is a beautiful white roof boasting  excellent Durability and reflectivity for increased energy savings.

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Key Benefits Of Our Fabric Reinforced System 

  • Variety of applications
  • resistant to dirt and discoloration
  • minimal Maintenance
  • strong and flexible surface
  • Stops Leaks
  • Excellent wind/ Hail Protection
  • Energy Efficient reflective surface
  • Extends roof life